In-House Hydro and Life Support Services


Protect your Family, Dive Buddies and yourself by ensuring your equipment meets required federal and state  requirements. If your gear is damaged, we provide repair services for most major brands. If it unserviceable we can help you get a replacement via the manufacturers warranty which typically takes 2 weeks if we don’t already have it.

Air Tank Inspection and Testing Services

  • Certified Visual Inspection PSI  (required yearly)
  • IN HOUSE – HYDRO  Recertification testing (required every 5 years) from Paintball to Supply Tank Size
  • Air Tank tumbling services to remove and prevent corrosion
  • O2 Cleaning for Technical Divers or Nitrox Services above 40% O2

Other Inspection and Testing Services Available!

  • Regulators (suggested service every 12 months)
  • Gauges  inspections, testing and Calibration (suggested service every 12 months)
  • Lighting and Photography Equipment – Check battery life,  light and water tightness.
  • Wet & Dry suits – Zippers, Seals, & Seems
  • Waterproofing – Check your neoprene protectors for electronic devices and more
  • SCBA, Nitrox, and Paintball
  • BCD Yearly Inspection and Service
  • Fire Extinguishers Yearly Hydro, and 6 Year Maintenance for all CO2 and Dry/Wet Extinguishers
  • BREATHING AIR, Filter Supplies and Compressor Tests

© Astoria Scuba and Adventure Sports, LLC: 2002 – 2020 – Astoria Scuba and Adventure Sports is a Combat Disabled Veteran Business

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