BREW Gas and Equipment

We do Brew Gas .. Really!


From Home Brew, pubs, bars and brewers, Astoria Scuba’s Gas Lab provides BEVERAGE quality gas for all of your gas needs.  As an Independent Gas Supplier and Micro Matic Dealer, we provide the best beverage gas products for your home or business.

Co2 or Nitrogen: Beverage Quality

Nitrous or “G” Gas (25% Co2 and remaining N, or whatever you want mixed)

N – Nitrogen, for Dark Beers, Coffee or Non-Carbonated Dispensing

Co2 Cylinders:  We Sell and Rent CO2 and Brew Gas Cylinders

5#, 10#, and 20#’s

Tired of Paying through the Nose on Co2 for #Sodastream refills?  Come see US!

Of course, we Sell, Repair and Hydro your Home Brew GAS Equipment!

You can depend on Astoria Scuba & Brew Gas!

Interested in Gas Science?  Checkout Weird Science’s article on Co2 VS Nitrogen: Chemistry of Beer

Interested in using co2 to enhance your Grow Operations?  Contact us for details.

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